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The Be Kind For Kaitlyn Foundation, Incorporated.

The Be Kind for Kaitlyn Foundation is a non-profit charitable foundation established in 2019 in memory of my daughter Kaitlyn Rose. Kaitlyn died at age 15 after a 22-month battle with Osteosarcoma. The name Be Kind For Kaitlyn, represents her legacy of kindness and love, and encourages others to always be kind and pay it forward. We keep Kaitlyn's legacy alive, and pay it forward by helping other children fighting similar battles. We raise funds to help facilitate wishes to bring smiles to these warrior's faces, all the while by being able to raise money and awareness towards newer, more effective treatments and ultimately a cure!

Kaitlyn's Heavenly 4th Anniversary

June 15th, 2022

From June 8th to June 15th, please do at least one random act of kindness in memory of my daughter, Kaitlyn Rose Bernhardt. Donate to your favorite charity, pay it forward to someone who needs it, help someone less fortunate, assist an elderly person, raise awareness for childhood cancer, share Kaitlyn’s story and her Foundation, do a good deed for someone and make an impact! Use your voice, as awareness starts with one voice. One person willing to step up, fight and advocate will lead to action, and action leads to research, and research leads to cures!

On Wednesday, June 15th, we will remember Kaitlyn's beautiful life by meeting outside her statue at St. Bernard in Brooklyn at 5:45pm. We will say a brief prayer, with some balloons, and right after we will speak of Kaitlyn while enjoying some of her favorite treats!

In the spirit of being kind, and in memory of my beautiful mom, we have also been able to raise additional funds for our Foundation and we plan to donate requested items to Cohen’s Children’s Hospital, where Kaitlyn was a long term patient. This year, we will be donating these items at the end of June in honor of Kaitlyn’s 4th Heavenly Anniversary on June 15th.  If you would like to make an additional donation to the Foundation, please click on the link below. We will be purchasing small denomination Amazon gift cards, floam, stress balls, noise-cancelling wireless headphones, arts and crafts items, and both adult and child coloring books.


for kaitlyn

Donations can be made directly on the website or

via the following:


The Be Kind For Kaitlyn Foundation Inc.

2014 East 72 Street

Brooklyn, NY 11234


​Venmo Account:


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