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Kaitlyn Mary Statue St Bernard
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Even though Kaitlyn has left us in the physical form, she continually lives on in each one of us. I will use this page to eventually update all her spiritual encounters, while she was alive and thereafter. Remember to always love and spread kindness wherever you go like Kaitlyn did, and always keep your faith strong to your heart and wonderful things will happen. In Kaitlyn's 15 years here, she has made a huge difference in our world. She had numerous visions and direct communication with Mary while sick, including and not limited to the following:

  1. letting her know that her death will involve the numbers 1 and 5

  2. the miracle of the rosary after our encounter with the dolphins in Breezy Point

  3. the construction of the Grotto which resulted in the Dalit children in India praying for and to Kaitlyn

  4. the Statue of Our Lady of Lourdes miraculously purchased in Lourdes and transported back to India to Kaitlyn's Grotto

  5. the hundreds of thousands of people around the world who have been spiritually moved by Kaitlyn's story

  6. the construction of the High School in memory of Kaitlyn that will help the Dalit children in India break the cycle of poverty that has existed over thousands of years

  7. the current construction of a shopping mall on the grounds of St. Teresa's Parish that will provide desperately needed funds for the Dalit people

  8. the vision her grandmother had of Kaitlyn while dying in April 

  9. the constant funding that becomes readily available for these beautiful projects through Deacon Jim and guidance from Our Lady.  



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