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Kaitlyn's Heavenly 19th Birthday

December 20th 2021

The Be Kind For Kaitlyn Foundation, Inc. has collaborated with Cohen's Children's Hospital Child Life Specialists to create a wish list for the children in the PACT. This Pediatric Advanced Care Team in the hospital attends to children battling cancer and other life threatening diseases. Currently, there is a very high number of infants and teenagers being treated, and during these trying times, there are no volunteers allowed in the hospital and no community activities or playrooms to share resources. As a result, the hospital is in need of a wide variety of items, across different ages, so please help in any way that you can. You can choose an item to donate, or send any size monetary donation to Kaitlyn's Foundation so we can donate these items on your behalf. 


Please click the Hospital Wish List button above and mail directly to:

        The Be Kind For Kaitlyn Foundation, Inc.

                          c/o Jennifer Bernhardt

                          2014 East 72nd Street

                          Brooklyn, NY 11234

~All items must be received by December 18th, 2021 to be delivered to the hospital on Kaitlyn's Heavenly 19th Birthday, December 20th, 2021. Thank you for your generosity~

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