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Just a little bit about Kaitlyn...

A Warrior Princess and now an Angel to all of us. She is my daughter, my first born child. She made me a mom. Giving birth to Kaitlyn was the happiest day of my life. Thank you for choosing me to be your mom. Thank you for sharing your very short, but remarkable journey. Kaitlyn exemplified love, courage, intelligence, compassion and kindness. She taught me and others to always see the positive side even in the darkest days. Like a sunflower who always finds the sun to grow. She had an extremely big heart, loved animals, loved children and loved people. She loved having conversations and looked forward to all family parties. She loved music, listening to music, writing music, singing music and playing on her keyboard. She loved to draw. She loved making and playing with slime. How I miss the mess! She loved the beach and swimming. She loved sleeping in and relaxing with her siblings. She was a great cook and a fantastic baker! She was spiritual and loved going to church and saying the rosary. She loved her rosary beads. She loved stuffed animals and giving them a home. She loved video games, especially when playing her brother Robert. She loved fashion and makeup, what a fabulous makeup artist! She loved dancing with her sister Ella. She loved sleeping with her dog Maggie. She loved talking with her dad, she loved him so much! She loved long car rides. She loved laughing with her friends. She loved Harry Styles! Meeting him was a highlight of her life! She loved going to Kaylee's house. She loved hanging out with Grandma and Pop Pop, going to the Met games and sleepovers. She loved Corinne's party house, her cousins Joe and Nicolette and her godchild baby Olivia! Especially the sleepovers! She loved her godfather Tommy.  She loved her godmother Kiki and all her cooking and Uncle Wally and the Wiggles. And she loved Patric and Kayla! She loved going to Aunt Wendy's house and hanging with Tones and Hailey. She loved Grandma Joannies at Christmas and all the family together. She loved Breezy Point and hanging at the beach with all the kids and our friends and the countless bbq's and laughs. She loved St. Bernard's and all her friends and teachers and she loved her first day at Bishop Kearney with Amanda. She loved to write. She loved watching tv, and especially sitcoms from start to finish. She loved Snapchat and social media and taking selfies with her friends. She loved hanging with Samantha, and all the date nights they did together. She loved their concerts. She loved Aunt Lizzy and the coffee runs and dinners together. She loved dancing with Taylor and she loved baking at Veronicas. She loved sleepovers at Glamaris' house. And so much more and so many more people. She loved me. She was my baby. She hated cancer, she hated being sick, she hated the surgeries and the hospitals. She hated not being able to live. I hated watching her suffer. I saw it in her eyes. But she always smiled. and laughed, and made the best out of life. She was always kind. A force to be reckoned with. An angel from above. She is and always will be my daughter, my sweet Kaitlyn Rose.

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