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Make A Difference in Kaitlyn's Memory Donate to the Be Kind For Kaitlyn Foundation Incorporated
~a Non For Profit Foundation which always makes a difference, like Kaitlyn did~

Kaitlyn always made a difference and continues to do so today. In keeping her memory and legacy alive, we will continue to give back to children fighting pediatric cancer. We will do this by donating toys to children with cancer and their siblings, donate money for pediatric cancer research, create and fund scholarships for children who are kind, make donations to organizations that are looking for a cure for Osteosarcoma or other "rare" pediatric cancers, give money to families that need help while their child is fighting cancer, and by supporting organizations that are looking for and using less toxic cancer treatments. Feel free to donate directly to Kaitlyn's foundation, which supports all of these causes or check out our Pediatric Cancer Awareness page to find others ways to donate.


Thank you and God Bless.

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Be Kind For Kaitlyn Foundation Inc.

2014 East 72 Street

Brooklyn, NY 11234


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