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Kaitlyn Rose Bernhardt



Diagnosed with Osteosarcoma in September 2016. She was trying out for her High School Volleyball Team in August 2016 when her leg was in severe pain. A local X-Ray, a trip to the hospital and finally a biopsy confirmed Kaitlyn had Osteosarcoma in her Fibula. After a 22 hour surgery to remove the tumor and do a flap transplant, she was feeling ok and recovering. She then relapsed due to a Staph Infection. Once healed, she began chemotherapy, but by this time the cancer spread to her soft tissues and lungs. She was fighting and seemed to be doing well on chemo, but the tumors were still there. She tried a new chemo which worked on the original tumor, but devastatingly, the cancer had now spread to her brain. After more chemo and radiation, the cancer took over and Kaitlyn passed away after a long and valiant fight with this beast. She so hard, and almost always refused pain meds, never went on hospice and lived her life the best way she could. She always worried about her family and friends before herself. She made such a difference in this world in her short time here. Her legacy will live on and when they finally find the cure, she will have lit the path. She was one of a kind-and especially kind. Pay it forward and #BeKindForKaitlyn- continue to raise awareness for Sarcoma and all pediatric cancers. Kaitlyn is my hero and will never be forgotten. 

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