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The Be Kind For Kaitlyn Foundation, Incorporated.

Kaitlyn Rose's 6th Heavenly Anniversary
June 15th, 2024


The Be Kind For Kaitlyn Foundation, Inc.

is sponsoring a fundraiser for the children at

Cohen Children’s Medical Center

in memory of Kaitlyn on her 6th Heavenly Anniversary  


After speaking with the child life therapists at Cohen Children’s Medical Center, we made a wish list of items requested by the patients in the teen council. You can purchase directly from their wish list here:

Everything will be delivered to the hospital by the end of June. Monetary donations are welcome towards the purchase of these items. Please place all Amazon orders by the end of June.

Thank you for your generosity and for always remembering my sweet Kaitlyn Rose.

Every donation is greatly appreciated.

Donations can be made via Venmo, Zelle, PayPal, Credit Card, or Check here:


for kaitlyn

Sometimes people ask, WHY do you choose to stay involved with childhood cancer after your days in the hospital are done?

The answer is simple: You can't "unknow" childhood cancer.

It becomes part of you. Each story, family, and child you meet becomes ingrained in your heart. Each vision of a child tangled in IV lines while riding a tricycle down the hallway, or the sound of screams howling from behind a closed exam room door in the clinic hallway... as you walk your own child to their exam room, can't be pushed away. Each parent you find in the hospital break room crying silently to themselves to hide their pain from their child, can't be forgotten. Most importantly, the sadness from the final note from a family you love, telling the world that their child is no longer with can't "unknow" those feelings of helplessness and grief.


When we can help others, we heal too!

September is important because it gives us, childhood cancer families, the opportunity to let others peek inside our world, and ask for help in honor of the families we have met and supported through our own heartbreak.

Awareness negates isolation and gives us the opportunity to help each other, by bringing others in.

Awareness is an opportunity for new hope.

#childrenaremorepreciousthangold #CCAM #ChildhoodCancer #CommunityMatters, #MoreTogether #PeerSupport #Momcology


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The Be Kind for Kaitlyn Foundation is a non-profit charitable foundation established in 2019 in memory of my daughter Kaitlyn Rose. Kaitlyn died at age 15 after a 22-month battle with Osteosarcoma. The name Be Kind For Kaitlyn, represents her legacy of kindness and love, and encourages others to always be kind and pay it forward. We keep Kaitlyn's legacy alive, and pay it forward by helping other children fighting similar battles. We raise funds to help facilitate wishes to bring smiles to these warrior's faces, while raising money and awareness towards newer, more effective treatments and ultimately a cure!

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